How to Excel at Your Job Interview

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The job interview – a nerve-wracking experience that we all must go through at least once in our adult lives. Being well prepared can make the difference between an interview that results in a job offer and one that sends you back to square one of your job search. Here are a few tips to help you excel at the interview process

Self Confidence

Believing in your ability to do the job well is an important part of a successful job interview. Being nervous will tell the interviewer that you lack the confidence and possibly the skills necessary to do the job. Why give them any doubts? Keep your chin up and smile.

Do Your Homework

Never go into an interview unprepared. Before the interview, spend time researching and getting to know the company you applied with and the specifics of the position you are interviewing for. This will make you appear all-the-more qualified for the position, in addition to showing the interviewer that you are well prepared.

Know Thyself

Never assume that your interviewer is familiar with your background prior to the interview. A good rule of thumb is to bring two copies of your resume to the interview, one for the interviewer and one for yourself to use as a reference. For times when the interviewer doesn’t have a printout of your resume, having an extra copy on-hand will show them that you organized and prepared.

Additionally, you should have everything on your resume memorized, including dates, skills, achievements, etc. If it appears that you are unfamiliar with any portion of your resume, it may give the interviewer the impression that you are being dishonest about your background and experience.

Clarity – On Your End, and Theirs

The questions that you will be asked and how you answer them allow the interviewer to assess your job skills. For this reason it is important to be sure that you understand what they are asking you. If you feel like their questions are vague or you do not understand what they are asking you, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. If you don’t understand the question, the odds of giving a satisfactory answer are slim and could cost you a job offer.

When you are answering their questions, always try to highlight achievements or accomplishments of your previous jobs. Start from your most recent position, and work backward if they ask for more information.

Ask Questions

Make sure to ask coherent questions related to the company/organization. It is very important to prepare these questions before your interview, and to write them down. This shows the interviewer that you take the job opportunity seriously and that you will be thorough when performing on the job. This is all about making a good impression.

Be Gracious

Be sure to thank the interviewer for their time and to ask when you can expect to hear from them. This will help you to determine their level of interest. If you don’t hear from them by the stated date, follow up via telephone or email on the next business day.

Good luck on your interview!